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Aeneas is a playable character in Warriors: Legend Of Troy. He is the son of a prince and he is one of the neighboring allies of Troy.

Role in the GameEdit

Throughout most of the story, Aeneas' role is relatively minor. He first appears defending the city of Lyrnessos from the Greeks. He is defeated by Achilles, and Aeneas is forced to withdraw while the Greeks take his city.

As the war wages on, Priam sends Aeneas to find more allies for the Trojans. The young king finds Queen Penthesilea and easily convinces her to lead her Amazons and aid Troy. Learning of her desire to die in battle, Aeneas takes pity on her. He tells her to seek a cleansing from Priam and accompanies them to the temple of Apollo and Artemis for the ritual.

After the Trojans mourn Prince Hektor's death, Aeneas joins Penthesilea as she leads her Amazons to battle. Aeneas tries to dissuade her from challenging Achilles, stating that her sister's death is not her fault. His consolation is appreciated yet the Amazon Queen ultimately accepts her end in battle.

When Troy is on the verge of ruin, Aeneas hurries to Priam's palace and finds Paris. The cursed prophetess, Kassandra, appears and proclaims that Aeneas is destined to create a new empire that will be greater than Greece and Troy combined. She warns him that the fallen walls will leave him to safety. Ignoring her words, Paris forces Aeneas to depart from Troy and to save himself and his family. Aeneas promptly rescues his loved ones and other survivors.

Once this task is finished, Agamemnon by the king's dastardly act, Aeneas defeats him and escapes capture from the Greek army as the walls of Troy collapse. Remembering Kassandra's final prophecy, Aeneas climbs the debris and escapes. He then leads the survivors to sail away from the smoking ruins of Troy.



Warriors Legends of Troy - Aeneas gameplay

Warriors Legends of Troy - Aeneas gameplay