Allegiance: Trojans
Height: 6'1
Weight: 201 Ib
Voice actors: Paulino Nunes
Family: Priam(father)
Deiphobos (brother)
Troilos (brother)Andromache (wife)

Hector is yet another of the many playable characters in Warrior: Legend of Troy. He is the commander of the Trojan army (Partly because his father is the king of the Trojans and he is respected by both his enemies and his allies.

Role in the gameEdit

Hektor is the greatest of Priam's sons and commander of the Trojan army. He is first seen rescuing civilians, ordering them to seek shelter within Troy's gates. He eventually defeats Patroklos and forces the Greeks to retreat.

After Achilles withdraws from the war front, Hektor becomes Troy's champion. His leadership and character raises Trojan morale. He defeats Ajax during one of their encounters and successfully leads the men to push the Greek forces further away from Troy, until they are across the river of Skamandros. With the tides of battle turning to their favor, Hektor seeks to force the dispirited Greeks back home by invading their main camp.

As Hektor charges within the camp's walls, Poseidon forbids the prince from entering by sending the Cyclops to fight him. The god warns the prince that he is fighting against Troy's predestined fall. Hektor, however, is determined to change this fate as he defeats the giant beast.

Trojan morale remains high until news of Achilles' supposed return sparks renewed vigor from the Greeks. Hektor personally confronts the champion, seeking to avenge the death of his brother, Troilos. During the duel, Apollo intervenes and Hektor uses the opportunity to kill his opponent. Shocked to learn that he did not kill Achilles, Hektor instead takes Achilles' armor as spoils of war.

While preparing for the next battle, his wife is overcome with anxiety and pleads for him to not go. Hektor, feeling that death is inevitable, tells her that his mind is set to fight. He leaves to face an embittered Achilles. Before their fight, Hektor asks the Greek warrior to promise that the winner bring the loser's body back to his people. However, Achilles claims he will make no promises and, after killing Hektor, brutally mutilates his corpse. All of Troy mourns Hektor's death.


Warriors Legends of Troy - Hektor gameplay

Warriors Legends of Troy - Hektor gameplay