830px-Menelaus and helen


Allegiance: Trojans

Family: Tyndareus (Father)
Leda (mother)

Paris (Lover)

Meneloas (Husband)

Voice Actors: Lara Robinson

Helen is a non-playable character in Warrior: Legends of Troy. She is the queen of Sparta and it is her kiddnapping that causes the Trojan war to happen.

Role in the GameEdit

Helen's beauty sparked fierce competition with the men across the land, each vying to win her hand in marriage. Helen personally asks her father to wed her to Menelaos and, thanks to Odysseus' intervention, the union is celebrated without bloodshed. Paris, under the guise of a diplomatic mission, meets her and the two elope. The game is vague regarding Helen's decision for parting with Sparta, although they heavily lean towards the idea that she loves Paris. Early in the game, however, she acts solemn to see Paris's safe return from his duel with Menelaos, hinting that his return is not a welcome one with his home.

Once the Greek army invades Troy, Helen is beside Priam. Paris stands to defend her and his father yet is beaten by Odysseus. As he pleads for mercy for his loved ones, a furious Menelaos stabs Paris. Helen dashes to his side and mourns his death. Although threatening to execute her for her betrayal to Sparta, Menelaos is moved by his love for her and ultimately spares her. She is last seen together with Menelaus as they sail away from the shores of Troy.