Allegiance: Greeks
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 190 Ib
Voice actors:Rob Stewart

Patroklos is a playable character in Warriors: Legned of Troy. He and Achilles are great friends because of their enjoyment of war and victory.

Role in gameEdit

Since the start of the Trojan War, Patroklos fights by Achilles' side. He is the warrior's closest friend. They fight countless battles together whilst claiming Trojan ground for the Greeks. Early within the war, Patroklos clashed blades with Hektor while gathering Trojans to be slaves for the Greeks. Failing in his mission, he orders the Greek troops under his command to temporarily withdraw.

When Achilles retracts into solitude, Patroklos follows him. However, once the Greeks are on the verge of defeat, Patroklos decides to take his friend's armor and fight in Achilles' stead. He wishes to instill courage into his comrades by fighting in Achilles' image while respecting his friend's wish to remain idle. His friend doesn't protest the choice but only warns him to not cross the river. However, Patroklos disobeys these wishes to push the Trojans further back. He encounters Hektor, who mistakes him for Achilles due to his attire. During their duel, Patroklos momentarily gains the upper hand. Before he can deal the fatal blow, Apollo intervenes on the prince's behalf and Hektor uses the opportunity to kill Patroklos. The news of his death infuriates Achilles to once again enter the fray.

After Achilles avenges his death, he lays Patroklos' ashes in a golden urn. The same urn is later used for Achilles' remains, and their ashes are burned together.