Allegiance: Trojans
Height: about 6'7
Weight: 201

Family: Ares (father)

Hippolyte (older sister)

Voice Actor: Debra Lynne McCabe

Penthesilea is a playable character in Warriors: Legend of Troy. She is the Queen of the Amazon, who had also killed her sister making her forced to fight in battle so she would die honorably in combat.

Role in the GameEdit

Years before she joins the Trojan War, Penthesilea leads the Amazons to Athens to rescue her sister, Queen Hippolyte, from her abduction by King Theseus. They launch a surprise attack on the Greeks and Penthesilea successfully locates her sister and they push onwards to punish Theseus together. During the struggle, Penthesilea hurls a spear at Theseus but he quickly dodges. The spear impales and kills Hippolyte instead. Penthesilea sounds a retreat in anguish and mourns her sister's accidental death.

Aeneas is later sent by Priam to find Trojan allies and successfully recruits Penthesilea and her Amazons. She agrees to join for an honorable death on the battlefield. Aeneas takes pity on her and convinces her to seek a cleansing from Priam, and the trio travel to the temple of Apollo and Artemis to perform the ceremony. During the journey, she defeats Greek forces in their path. Near the temple gates, the Amazon queen is haunted by ghosts of Hippolyte and regretfully defeats the specters. After the cleansing ceremony, they hear news of Hektor's death.

Penthesilea leads the Trojan army and her Amazons into battle after they mourn for the fallen prince. She seeks to find the only warrior who can sate her desire for death: Achilles. Despite pleas from Aeneas to cease her march onwards, Penthesilea defeats Odysseus and tracks the fleeing Greek general to her target. Determined to end her life, she faces Achilles as a proud warrior. At the end of their duel, Achilles deflects her overhead strike with his shield and stabs his sword through her chest. Penthesilea is happy to reunite with her sister as she perishes within his arms. Moved by her past, Achilles gently lays her body to the ground and expresses remorse for her passing.